(Grades PreK-2)

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sign language

Offering beginning sign language, your young ones will build vocabulary and have the opportunity to practice signing with classmates. We will sign the alphabet and learn simple signs through music and stories.


Let’s travel back centuries in time to explore the Modern Age (1850-1990) in The Story of the World Volume 4. Class will center around hands-on history activities and corresponding mapwork, while students focus on the assigned reading at home. Students will only need the reader text, and a lap to snuggle up in as it is read to them. For our youngest learners, the text is available on an enjoyable audio cd for their listening pleasure.

hands-on math & logic

Friends work together to problem solve and troubleshoot. We will focus on the conceptual side of mathematics as well as logical processes using various games, mind benders, puzzlers, and brain teasers. Topics vary and seek to make math come alive for our budding mathematicians.


“Experience shows us that the most important educational lesson we can teach early learners is to fall in love with learning itself.” (-Five in a Row Quote) Designed to guide children through the joy of learning, this literature based unit study does just that. Each class time will begin by reading a classic book of the week. Next, kids will engage in various hands-on activities, based on the same book, in learning centers. This focused literary exploration continues throughout the day with cross-curricular opportunities, such as trekking across the globe for geography and delving into endless possibilities for scientific discoveries.


Let’s shake our sillies out, and have a blast moving our bodies. We will have a rockin’ good time getting our blood pumping. From good, old-fashioned playground games to races to ball games, come join in the fun.


Come embrace the process of art! As our youngest pupils venture into the world of creating, they will be encouraged to explore their artistic side using a variety of mediums, techniques, and projects, while strengthening those hand muscles. Embarking on this messy adventure will be unforgettable. Students will also have the opportunity to proudly display some of their artwork at the end of each semester in our art show. Tuition covers any art supplies needed for participation in this class.

music & movement

It is said that music tames the savage beast. It can also get one movin’ and groovin’. Kids will have kid-friendly exposure to different genres of music while burning off the energy that is never in short supply and polishing their listening skills.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? Your storytime leader seeks to engage listening skills, spark imagination, and grow a love for literature within each child.