South Side Schoolhouse


With Christ as our cornerstone, we seek to ignite a love of learning
through community and hands-on learning experiences.
We can stand firm in our resolve to partner with families
on their educational journey, offering academic rigor
and enrichment through sound biblical principles
while striving for excellence.

Our “outside the box” approach to instruction
fosters creativity and encouragement for every unique learner.

We seek to love each child as Jesus does
while stretching each one to reach his/her full God-designed potential.

Our Christian foundation and principles shall shape all teachings and activities.


We welcome ALL families with similar educational goals to enroll, regardless of religious beliefs.

However, all participants must agree to honor and respect the Christian values our organization

holds near and dear, as we serve one another in love.


Grades 7th - 12th

Classes Offered:

  • Hands-on Math & Logic

  • Yearbook & Newspaper/Journalism

  • Apologia: General Science

  • Apologia: General Biology

  • Art

  • PE

  • Surprise Me

  • Beginning Composition: Fable Stage

  • Fallacy Detective

  • Life Skills

Grades 3rd - 6th

Classes Offered:

  • Art

  • Literature

  • Hands-on Math & Logic

  • History: Story of the World, Volume #1

  • Apologia, Young Explorer Series: Human Anatomy

  • Geography

  • PE

  • Surprise Me

  • Elementary Music

Pre-K - 2nd Grade

Classes Offered:

  • Five in a Row - Learning Centers

  • Geography through Five in a Row

  • Hands-on Math & Logic

  • History: Story of the World, Vol #1

  • Science through Five in a Row

  • PE

  • Art

  • Music & Movement

2 & 3 year olds,

Our tiny tots will have a fun-filled day of activities geared just for their unique age and stage.
The day will be balanced with storytime, art, pe, and music classes as well as spurts of free playtime.
After lunch, they will wind down with shaking wiggles out before snuggling up for a story, The Sleepy Story, which will be followed by cuddling a favorite animal from home for some quiet time.Then, it’s back to the wildly entertaining life of being two and three. The fun only ends when they go home.

• South Side Sweeties will need a bag packed with the following items: a favorite book, blanket, and stuffed toy to snuggle during quiet time; a spill-proof cup and snack; a change of clothes; diapers/pull-ups and wipes.

Birth - 24 months

Our smallest cherubs will have a fun-filled day geared just for their unique age and stage, as well.
The day will be balanced with storytime, music, plenty of snuggles, and playtime. After lunch, they will wind down with soft music for some quiet time.
Then, it’s back to the sweet cooing, crawling, and toddling we all hold dear.

• Please bring your snugglers to class with a diaper bag packed full of everything they might need for the day, from diapers and wipes to a sippy cup and snack.


22-23 HandbookPol&CourseDesc.pdf

Please read through our handbook policies, in its entirety, before completing any registration or enrollment forms.
Terms of participation listed in the Handbook will be enforced.
Signed agreement to our Policies & Procedures is required for all students and parents participating in co-op activities.